We also sell factory refurbished Ultra Tune 4 gas analysers. The units carry a full years guarantee, just as our new units.

We stock exhaust probes for use on dynamometers and for normal use. We also sell Oxygen Sensors for most makes of gas analysers.

We are soon able to supply calibration gas to the trade and consumers.

This will make us a “One stop supplier for service items, as well as Gas Analysers and Smoke Meters.”
The origin of Ultra Tune dates back to 1970 when the company was a specialized repair workshop for Mercedes Benz motorcars. The company then traded under the name “V C Motors”. We wanted to offer our deserving clients the best possible service. We realized that in order to do this, special tools and equipment would be required. In 1994 UTRA TUNE (Pty} Ltd was founded. Initially most of the tools and equipment were imported, but later Ultra Tune started manufacturing as well. To this day our gas analysers form part of our manufacturing range.
An opportunity arose to purchase the measuring benches direct from the manufacturer (Sensors). Together with our Associates, we manufactured our first 4 Gas Analyser. It was exhibited and used for the first time at the “Mechanic of the Year” competition held at the ”Auto Africa Exhibition” in South Africa. Items such as the Power Probe followed later.
The software for the 4 and our 5 gas analysers is constantly upgraded. Ultra Tune also has software for Smoke meters (Opacity Meters). Fully imported 4 and 5 gas analysers from a French company CAPELEC (whom we represent) can also be supplied. These analysers and smoke meters follow the lines of strict European emission laws.
In the absence of emission laws in South Africa and other countries like New Zealand, we have developed software to be able to create tests to follow any legislation, enabling our gas analysers and smoke meters to perform tests according to any specification or law. Their flexibility is enormous and we are the only local manufacturer providing this adaptable service.